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Photo of Dales Way: Sign on Cam High Road
Sign on Cam High Road
Membership of the Dales Way Association is open to anyone who has walked, or plans to walk, the Dales Way, or simply cares about its future. Membership is primarily a way of supporting the work of the Dales Way Association.

When you join the Dales Way Association you will receive the e-newsletter in Spring and Autumn each year. You will also be able to access the Members Aea: here you will find in the archives copies of the minutes of the Annual General Meeting and our quarterly Committee meetings from 2012. There are also copies of newsletters from NL 38, Autumn 2010.

Older copies of both minutes and newsletters dating back to the start of the Dales Way Association in 1991 are currently being scanned and digital copies will be made available as they are done. It is anticipated that this project - part of the Dales Way 50th Anniversary celebrations, will be completed by the end of 2019.

Membership allows you to take part in the work of the Association: to attend the Annual General Meeting, to stand for election to the Dales Way Association committee and to engage in discussion about the work of the Association through its Members Area pages.

Your modest membership fee helps directly support the Association in our most important work: maintaining, supporting and promoting the Dales Way Long Distance Path. The DWA is run by a small committee of volunteers with no office, no phone line and no paid staff. Our primary means of contact with members is by email and via this website. We no longer regularly post out documents.

At the 2012 AGM a new Small Charities Constitution for the Association was approved. You can view it (pdf) here. We are now registered as a small charity with HM Revenue and Customs.



We encourage new and existing members to take out an ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP SUBSCRIPTION, either online or through a Bankers Order. This ensures your membership is renewed automatically. It spreads the cost for members and keeps administration simple for both you and the Association.


However, you can also join for a fixed term Membership which runs in a 3-yearly cycle, renewable on the same date for all members. The current membership cycle runs from now until APRIL 2022.

If you prefer to Join just for the current 3-year Membership cycle, click here.

If you want to Renew your membership just for the current 3-year Membership cycle, click here.

Members Area

This area is reserved for current members of the Dales Way Association.

To access these pages you will need your USERNAME and PASSWORD.

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