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Updated March 2016

Dales Way DVD 2016

Brought up to date on March 16th when all the damage done to the Dales Way footpath by the December floods had been noted, the diversions decided then way marked. This adds over 50 images, 6 minutes and 3 new sound tracks to the updated DVD, “A taste of the Dales Way.”

The DVD now has 565 images, lasts 50 minutes and has 17 soundtracks to suit all tastes.

If you are about to walk the Dales Way, this DVD will show you what to expect on your journey. If you have already walked it, it will help you recall those special moments.

My first slide show, for the committee, was made in 2006, lasted 16 minutes and petered out on Cam Fell when I ran out of photos. So I called it Part 1! Since then, the footpath has been covered each year and images added, and whilst it was never intended to be a historical document, some parts of the footpath portrayed now no longer exist.

Crosdale Beck is no longer a ford, it now has a bridge. The forest at Little Town has gone and been replanted. Cam Forest has also suffered a similar fate. The ancient Cam High Road with the iconic Ribblehead Viaduct in the distance can no longer be replicated. You now have the wagon road, and the bridge which displaced the footbridge over Gayle Beck. Matt Monroe will accompany you along the “Watershed Alternative” over Great Knoutberry down to Lea Yeat.

So, at no extra charge, get yourself a bit of history, all for less than the price of a glass of wine in a posh pub.

The DVD will play on your DVD payer/TV as normal.

The DVD may play on your PC but may not play the soundtrack, depending on your settings.

DVD taster above

To order a copy, either send a cheque for £4.50 (payable to the Dales Way Association) to;

Membership Secretary, the Dales Way Association, PO Box 334, Shipley, BD18 9DZ.

Or, order online securely with PayPal using a credit or debit card by clicking the Buy Now button below:

Allow 14 days for your copy to arrive.

“It really lifted my heart to see and remember my own travels.”

“Fantastic. . . . This will spur me on to go back and complete the Dales Way.”

“Congratulations. . . . Will allow me to reminisce the happy times, as my arthritic curse strikes.”

“Brought back some happy memories.”

“Great fun in front of the tele, with a glass of wine.

“Superb. Makes me want to do it again.”

"We have watched it several times, and spot something different each time."

"A joy to watch."

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