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“Where did it all go wrong, George?”

(Produced several years ago by former footpaths officer Alex McManus, but still very useful. Some things have changed since...)

Those readers of a certain age will recognise the above quotation. Uttered by the waiter on room service, as he entered George Best’s hotel bedroom, to see him in bed with Miss World with thousands of pounds of notes scattered on the bed covers.

So, where could or did it all go wrong for you on your Dales Way walk?

The Dales Way footpath is not like the Appellation Trail, where getting lost could end up with you getting drowned, starving to death or eaten by a grizzly bear. It could however cause you and the persons’ backyard you are straying into, inconvenience and maybe a spot of bother.

Sifting through letters and emails, all of the items illustrated are where walkers have reported straying off the path. As with all these incidents, the path is there to follow if you have the map, the guide book and are paying attention, but. . . . . !

This may be the most useful sheet of paper you carry on your next walk.

Where did it all go wrong George?

Download "Where did it all go wrong, George?" as a pdf document here.

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