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This is a page for some of the many blogs about the Dales Way that individual walkers have prepared. Some take the form of text accounts of the walk, with photos. Others are video blogs. Please let us know if you would like your own blog adding, or perhaps recommend a blog you have seen for inclusion.

The Dales Way Association is not responsible for any of the content of these blogs. Please be aware that some of these blogs were produced some time ago; things change all the time, so you should treat these accounts as "historic".

 You might want to create your own new blog and let us know. Useful free websites for creating blogs include: , , and

Dales Way Walk (camping)
Dales Way Walk (camping)
Video blog of Tent Man and son camping along the Dales Way - July 2022
Ultralight Hiking & Camping the Dales Way
Ultralight Hiking & Camping the Dales Way
Welcome to another long distance thru hike. Me & phils wild walks did the Dales Way, 81 miles over 6 days managing 2 wild camps along the way. - September 2020
Inspired by Lakeland
Inspired by Lakeland
"My plan for walking the Dales Way had been to wait for a five-day fine-weather window. Crisp autumn mornings, dewey cobwebs, pub firesides and frost..." - October 2019.
Two Friends
Two Friends:
"I don’t know how this is going to pan out, but I can’t wait for us to get started. Thanks for joining us on our journey!"; Lisa & Michelle  - August 2018.
Mark Richards' Dales Way
Mark Richards' Dales Way:
Mark Richards walks the Dales Way with his excellent film, originally released as a DVD, now available online. Written by Terry Marsh, filmed and edited by Steve Lord. (c) 2010 PrimeLight Films Ltd.
Never Ending Voyage
The Ultimate Dales Way...
Erin and Simon share one of the "best travel experiences we've ever had." - September 2018.
Nothing But Footprints
...nothing but footprints
Beautiful photographs along the Dales Way, summer 2015.
Fudge starts the Dales Way, May 2014
Masarnen Ramblers:
Fudge's first long distance walk - Dales Way, May 2014.
Bill Eccles and co on the Dales Way 2017
Our Dales Way Walk:
This video is the story of our walk that lasted over a seven day period from the 29 April to the 5 May 2017.
Charles Hawes at the Strid
Walking the Blog:
Charles Hawes and his pal Bob walk the Dales Way, June 2013.
Clare Balding's Ramblings
BBC Radio 4 Ramblings:
Clare Balding walks the Dales Way for BBC Radio 4 - a 6-part audio blog (Autumn 2014).
Anxious Gardener
The Anxious Gardener:
A beautiful winter walk along the Dales Way, early 2012.
David & Bridget
David & Bridget:
Video blog of David & Bridget's Dales Way walk in September 2011 - with a surprise guest appearance!
Dales Way blog from Jonathon Smith's semi-commercial walking website.
Kei Tei Ventures
Keitei Ventures:
Katie and her brother backpack the Dales Way, backwards, in 4 days. Aug 2016
Steve Watson revisits the Dales Way for 2012.
Walking Englishman
The Walking Englishman:
Mike Brockhurst is The Walking Englishman, and his Dales Way account makes an early entry on his website.
Andy's Dalesway run
Andy's Dales Way run:
AndyJ and Dave Dixon run the Dales Way non-stop in 24 hours.
Rucksack Rose
Rucksack Rose:
completes the Dales Way in August 2012 to raise money for the British Lung Foundation.
Andy Marr & Paul Brayford
Dales Way:
Andy Marr & Paul Brayford's Youtube account of walking the Dales Way, July 2015
Pete & Steve walk the Dales Way in 5 days
The Dales Way - walking it in 5 days:
Video blog of Pete & Steve as they set out to walk the Dales Way in 5 days, 2012.
Rambling man
Rambling man:
Andrew Bowden is the Rambling Man, walking the Dales Way in 2011.
Pighole Team
The Pighole Team:
The team of 10 take to the Dales Way in 2006.
Bernie the Geocacher
Bernie the Geocacher:
Bernie Clarke-Lens and pal walk the Dales Way in May 2013.
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