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A few years ago the route of the Dales Way was revised downstream from Dent in order to avoid the road walking between Ellers Bridge and Rash. However since that time a completely new footbridge has been constructed at Brackensgill, where there was previously only a deep ford. The official route of the Dales Way has now been changed to make use of this. So do not cross Ellers Bridge, but continue along the lane down the SW side of the dale until the bridleway leading to Brackensgill Bridge can be followed down to the river. Short stretches of footpath have been created to give access to the bridge. Continuing, the main valley road is crossed almost directly to climb on another bridleway up the other side of the dale and, after a left fork, one duly joins the contouring track to rejoin the original route above Rash. This route is very clearly shown on the Explorer (Outdoor Leisure) map. It should be noted that this is now the official and recommended route, but the original route and the diversion from Ellers Bridge are on rights of way and can still be used if preferred.

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