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West Coast Railway

Heading west after crossing the M6, the original route of the Dales Way crossed the railway by a foot crossing. With the upgrading of the line this has become very dangerous, and rather than construct an unsightly footbridge, the route has been closed. Heading west, the new route now follows along the lane from Hardrigg and around a right turn as before. Where the old route turned left through a gate into a field and made its way down to the railway, the diversion now commences. Instead of cutting down across the field, one turns right immediately after the gate and follows a newly created path along the field edge parallel to the lane. On reaching the railway, it rejoins the lane to cross the road bridge. Immediately on the north side of the bridge a new path has been created running west along the railway boundary to rejoin the original route on the north side of the closed level crossing. ( Look carefully for the point where one turns away from the railway towards Greenhead ). This new route has been waymarked and new stiles erected as needed.

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